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La Llevanza

Welcome to La Llevanza, an Asturian-made house from the 19th century, remodeled in 2014, just 10 minutes by car from Oviedo, 25 minutes from Gijón and 40 from the Asturias airport.

Located in the Villaperi parish (Oviedo) at the foot of the Naranco mountains and next to the Nora River, it lies in a typical Asturian setting, which can be enjoyed simply by walking outside of the house.

Its priveleged location in the center of Asturias and its easy access to the major freeways of the area allow quick and efficient travel to all corners of the region.

La Llevanza contains two apartments with a three-key system that make up the traditional and original farmhouse estate. They are fully equipped and offer four and six spaces respectively, with separate parking.

Maximum quality and comfort in the apartments, simplistic and good taste in decoration, as well as 1800 m² of lightly forested prairie with a river-like feel, and lastly, a typical hundred year old Asturian “hórreo” (small, unique, barn-like structure), all make up our identity. We speak fluent English.

Everything is thought out so that you and your family’s or friend’s stay in La Llevanza will become both a pleasing and unforgettable experience.


Cómo llegar

La Llevanza
Nora 32. Villapérez
33194 Oviedo (Asturias)

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